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Societies of former students (alumni societies) have been existing at universities and colleges since long. These societies give alumae/alumni the possibility to keep in touch with "their" institution and former fellow students as well as to take advantage of advanced scientific training.

Institutions which involve their alumnae/alumni in scientific research and education as well as in cultural and social activities in fact benefit from the experience in order to gain new impulses to improve research, teaching and university culture.

The Ronald Ross PG College Alumni Association is open to all former students of the institute. The Association exists to promote communication between the college and its alumni, and among the alumni themselves. Membership to the Association is free and you are an alumnus of the college for life.

As a graduate of the college, you can guide and help your juniors and also take advantage of the various services of the college through the Alumni Association.

Please send in your details like your present assignment, place of stay and other contact details. The Alumni administrator will get back to you.

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